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5V Stepper Motor with Driver 28BYJ-48

5V Stepper Motor with Driver 28BYJ-48
5V Stepper Motor with Driver 28BYJ-48 5V Stepper Motor with Driver 28BYJ-48
Brand: Banana Robotics
Product Code: BR010113
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The 5V Stepper Motor with Driver 28BYJ-48 has everything you need to start using stepper motors in your project.

A stepper motor converts digital pulses into small steps of movement in a forward or backward direction. It moves only one step at a time but can rotate indefinitely as the step sequence is repeated. The main advantage that stepper motors have is the ability to move to a position accurately without the use of special encoders or other hardware. Stepper motors are ideal for building systems where accuracy is important such as controlling the position of a laser cutter, router, or other precision tool. This particular stepper motor might be too small to build an industrial strength laser cutting machine but it certainly can be used to build a plotter to do some drawing. Stepper motors can be used for a variety of robot projects.

This stepper motor is a popular 5V model 28BYJ-48 that comes with a controller board for use with any 5V microcontroller such as an Arduino or compatible.

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