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Character LCD 16x2 (1602 LCM) White on Blue 5V

Character LCD 16x2 (1602 LCM) White on Blue 5V
Character LCD 16x2 (1602 LCM) White on Blue 5V
Brand: Banana Robotics
Product Code: BR010082
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This Character LCD module is a 1602 LCM type with 2 rows of 16 columns. This model operates at 5V and has a blue backlight with white on blue text. It features a standard HD44780 compatible controller to simplify integration into your project and includes a strip of male header that can be soldered to the board as needed. This industry standard LCD module is supported by a wide variety of microcontroller libraries, code, circuits and projects.

Pin assignments
Pin Label Description
1 VSS Ground
2 VCC 5V power supply input
3 VEE Contrast adjust
4 RS Data/command select (data=high, command=low)
5 R/W Read/write select (read=high, write=low)
6 E Enable
7 DB0 Data bit 0 (8 bit mode)
8 DB1 Data bit 1 (8 bit mode)
9 DB2 Data bit 2 (8 bit mode)
10 DB3 Data bit 3 (8 bit mode)
11 DB4 Data bit 4 (4 or 8 bit mode)
12 DB5 Data bit 5 (4 or 8 bit mode)
13 DB6 Data bit 6 (4 or 8 bit mode)
14 DB7 Data bit 7 (4 or 8 bit mode)
15 LED+ Backlight 5V power supply input
16 LED- Backlight ground


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