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3 Conductor JST to Female Header Cable 30cm (Green+Red+Black)
This 3 conductor cable features a JST PH Style connector on one end and a servo type female header o..
Adjustable Power Supply Shield for Arduino
The Adjustable Power Supply Shield gives your Arduino the ability to manage the power to your robot...
ADKeyboard Analog to Digital Keyboard Module
The ADKeyboard is a five button keypad module with a single analog voltage output. The ADKeyboa..
DFRduino Uno R3 Arduino Compatible Microcontroller
The DFRduino Uno R3 is a colorful microcontroller board that is fully compatible with the popular Ar..
DFRobot 1A Motor Driver Arduino Shield
This 1A Motor Driver Shield for Arduino features the popular L293 motor driver chip. This basic m..
DFRobot 2A Motor Driver Arduino Shield
The DFRobot 2A Motor Driver Shield is an Arduino compatible motor driver shield that uses an L298P H..
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DFRobot 4 Channel Relay Arduino Shield
The DFRobot 4 Channel Relay Shield makes it easy to control external circuitry with Arduino or compa..
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DFRobot 6 DOF IMU Arduino Shield
The DFRobot 6 DOF IMU Shield provides your Arduino or compatible microcontroller with the ability to..
DFRobot DC Motor Driver 2x15A Lite
The DFRobot DC Motor Driver 2x15A Lite is a powerful driver that can get your medium sized robot rol..
DFRobot Extra Wide Gripper
The DFRobot Extra Wide Gripper is a servo attachment that enables your robot to grab objects in its ..
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