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ITEAD Studio

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Iteaduino UNO Arduino Compatible Microcontroller
The Iteaduino Uno is an Arduino compatible microcontroller that features extra pin headers, selectab..
Iteaduino Uno Electronic Brick Starter Set
The Iteaduino Uno Electronic Brick Starter Set comes with an Arduino compatible microcontroller, shi..
Joystick Module
This Joystick Module is great for creating a remote control interface for your robot and a variety o..
Joystick Shield for Arduino
The Joystick Shield mounts onto an Arduino or compatible microcontroller to provide a joystick with ..
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Light Emitting Diode (LED) Output Module
The Light Emitting Diode (LED) Module is a simple but convenient general purpose LED module. Usag..
Light Sensor Module
This Light Sensor Module module uses a photoresistor to detect the light intensity of the environmen..
Magnetic Sensor (Switch) Module
The Magnetic Sensor (Switch) Module allows you to detect the presence of a magnet via a digital inpu..
MotoMama Motor Driver Arduino Shield
The MotoMama is a motor driver based on the L298N H-bridge driver chip. It can be used as an Arduino..
Power Shield for Arduino
The Power Shield fits on top an Arduino or compatible to provide a convenient battery power solution..
Raspberry Pi LCD Keypad Add On
The Raspberry Pi LCD Keypad Add-On provides your RPi with a text based LCD display and a set of push..
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