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ITEAD Studio

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Raspberry Pi Proto Screw Add-On
The Raspberry Pi Proto Screw Add-On helps with prototyping and experimentation. Your Raspberry Pi..
Screw Terminal Prototyping Shield for Arduino
The Screw Terminal Prototyping Shield for Arduino provides screw terminals for the I/O pins and a sm..
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SD Card Shield for Arduino
This Arduino SD Card Shield is ideal for data logging applications that need access to large amounts..
Sound Output (Buzzer) Module
The Sound Output (Buzzer) Module features a piezo buzzer that can be produce tones and other effects..
Sound Sensor (Microphone) Module
This sound sensor includes a highly sensitive microphone for audio input. Use this module to detect ..
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Temperature Sensor Module
The Temperature Sensor Module uses a thermistor which returns the ambient temperature in the form of..
Tilt Sensor (Switch) Module
The Tilt Sensor (Switch) Module is the equivalent of a button, and is used as a digital input. The s..
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Touch Sensor (Switch) Module
The Touch Sensor (Switch) Module is a touch sensitive digital button input. This finger sized sen..
Track Sensor Module
The Track Sensor Module contains an IR Infrared reflection sensor that can be used for line followin..
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XBee Socket Shield for Arduino
The XBee Socket Shield for Arduino allows you to connect an XBee compatible wireless module to your ..
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