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Robots use inputs to gather information about the environment, to communicate with other computers, robots and devices and to get instructions from you.
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4 Channel Bidirectional Logic Level Shifter
This 4 channel bidirectional logic level shifter allows mixed voltage parts to be used in the same...
ACS712 Current Sensor Module 5A
The ACS712 Current Sensor Module is an analog input that provides accurate measurement of AC and DC ...
ADKeyboard Analog to Digital Keyboard Module
The ADKeyboard is a five button keypad module with a single analog voltage output. The ADKeyboa...
Analog Rotation Sensor (Potentiometer) Module
The Analog Rotation Sensor is an analog potentiometer mounted onto a handy module. This tiny modu...
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Analog Rotation Sensor V1 (Potentiometer)
The Analog Rotation Sensor V1 is a potentiometer mounted onto a handy module. The potentiometer can ...
Big Button Input Module
A convenient button that is easy to press and use. Usage: Connect the (+) and (-) to a 5V powe...
DS3231 High Precision Real Time Clock Module
This high precision real time clock module features a DS3231 chip with a two wire I2C interface. ...
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Dynamixel AX-S1 Integrated Smart Sensor Module
The Dynamixel AX-S1 Integrated Smart Sensor Module bundles various sensors into a Dynamixel AX serie...
GPS Shield for Arduino
The ITEAD GPS Shield enables your Arduino project to determine its location using global positioning...
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IBridge 4x4 Keypad Arduino Shield
The IBridge 4x4 Keypad Shield provides your Arduino with a matrix of 16 push buttons and a graphic L...
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