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Kingii Dragon Robot Kit

Kingii Dragon Robot Kit
Kingii Dragon Robot Kit Kingii Dragon Robot Kit Kingii Dragon Robot Kit Kingii Dragon Robot Kit
Brand: OWI
Product Code: BR030016
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The Kingii Dragon Robot is a robotic lizard with interactive AI Artificial Intelligence and reptilian behavior.

This Kingii Dragon is modelled after a real Australian chalamydosaurus kingii frilled lizard. It has bicolored LED eyes, an IR infrared sensor and articulated body. The robot is programmed to operate at in one of two selectable modes: the escape and follow me modes.

When operating in escape mode, the Kingii Dragon robot will watch for predators with its infrared sensor. When danger is detected, the lizards eyes light up, mouth opens and frill spreads defensively. It then slithers away to safety.

When operating in the follow me mode, the robotic lizard will detect a friend with its infrared sensor, gesture by shaking its frill and approach like a pet.

The Kingii Dragon Robot is a kit that requires assembly. No soldering is required. Four AAA batteries are required.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.


Kingii Dragon Robot Kit

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