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Motor Drivers

Motor drivers transform the digital outputs from the robot's microcontroller brain into the powerful energy needed to run the motors that make your robot move.
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DFRobot 1A Motor Driver Arduino Shield
This 1A Motor Driver Shield for Arduino features the popular L293 motor driver chip. This basic m...
DFRobot 2A Motor Driver Arduino Shield
The DFRobot 2A Motor Driver Shield is an Arduino compatible motor driver shield that uses an L298P H...
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DFRobot DC Motor Driver 2x15A Lite
The DFRobot DC Motor Driver 2x15A Lite is a powerful driver that can get your medium sized robot rol...
DFRobot Romeo All In One Robot Controller V2
The DFRobot All In One Controller V2 combines a robot brain and brawn together onto a single Arduino...
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DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver for Raspberry Pi
This DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver plugs directly into the Raspberry Pi 40 pin GPIO header to drive two ...
DRV8838 Single Motor Driver
This tiny motor driver board features a DRV8838 H-bridge chip for controlling a single DC motor. ...
HG7881 (L9110) Dual Channel Motor Driver Module
The HG7881 (L9110S) Dual Channel Motor Driver Module is a compact board that can be used to drive ve...
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L293 Optically Isolated Dual Motor Driver 1A
This L293 based motor driver features an optically isolated interface to provide electromagnetic int...
L293D Secret Motor Driver Electronic Kit
The L293D Secret Motor Driver Electronic Kit is designed to fit inside a standard servo or anywher...
L298 Compact Motor Driver Electronic Kit
The L298 Compact Motor Driver is an electronic kit used to control a pair of DC motors. This kit ...
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