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DFRobot Romeo All In One Robot Controller V2

DFRobot Romeo All In One Robot Controller V2
DFRobot Romeo All In One Robot Controller V2 DFRobot Romeo All In One Robot Controller V2
Brand: DFRobot
Product Code: BR010010
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The DFRobot All In One Controller V2 combines a robot brain and brawn together onto a single Arduino compatible board. The brain is an Arduino Leonardo compatible ATmega32u4 microcontroller. The brawn is a powerful motor driver.

This controller has been specifically designed for controlling your robot project. It has a flexible power supply with separate external power inputs for motors and servos. The motor driver can drive two DC motors with up to 2A of continuous current each. A collection of extra headers make it easy to connect servos, sensors and other modules while a full Arduino R3 pin mapping keeps it compatible with standard Arduino shields. There are three connectors for I2C/TWI, connectors for SPI, an APC220 socket for attaching a Bluetooth module and an XBee socket for attaching ZigBee and other wireless modules. A set of five user buttons is provided for selecting program options and other purposes.

Please note that this board is a bit larger than the typical Arduino compatible microcontroller. However, it does support standard Arduino Shields and is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE and a universe of Arduino source code.

DFRobot Romeo All-In-One Controller V2 Schematic
Atmel ATmega32u4 Microcontroller Datasheet
Processor ATmega32u4
Architecture AVR
Clock Speed 16 MHz
Data Bits 8
RAM 2.5 KB
Timers 3
External IRQs 2
PWM Channels 7
Available Inputs and Outputs
Digital GPIOs 17
Analog Inputs 12
I2C Ports 3
SPI Ports 1
UART Ports 1
Microcontroller Features
Reset Button Yes
ICSP Connector Yes
Programming Port USB Micro Type B
Requires External Programmer No
Motor Driver Features
Motor Driver L298S
Motor Voltage 6-23 V
Motor Channels 2
Continuous Current per Channel 1 A
Peak Current per Channel 2 A
Motor Connectors Screw Terminals
UI Features
User LEDs 1
User Buttons 5
Power Supply and Consumption
Operating Voltage 5 V
DC Current per I/O Pin 40 mA
Power LED Indicator Yes
Power Supply Voltage 6-23 V
Power Connector Jack: 2.1mm ID 5.5mm OD Center Positive
Length 89 mm
Width 84 mm
Height 14 mm
Weight 60 g
RoHS Compliant Yes

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