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Many roboticists like to build robots that move. Movement requires special parts to convert the robot's digital intentions into the physical force needed to explore the real world. The easiest and most common means of mobility is have your robot roll along using motors and wheels. With just a little help, your robot will soon be exploring the universe all by itself.

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Pololu One Inch Plastic Ball Caster Wheel
The Pololu One Inch Plastic Ball Caster kit includes a black ABS housing, a 1" diameter plastic ball...
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Pololu Qik Dual Serial Motor Controller
The Pololu Qik Dual Serial Motor Controller is allows your robot's microcontroller brain to control ...
Pololu Simple Motor Controller 18v7
The Pololu Simple Motor Controller 18v7 makes it easy to drive brushed DC motors using USB, TTL seri...
PowerHD AR-1202MG Standard Analog High Torque Robot Servo 60g
The PowerHD AR-1202MG is a strong high torque analog servo with metal gears that has been designed e...
PowerHD AR-3606HB Standard Continuous Rotation Servo 40g
The PowerHD AR-3606HB is a fast continuous rotation servo with a significant amount of strength. ...
PowerHD D65HB Micro Digital High Speed Servo 6.5g
The PowerHD D65HB is a fast and accurate digital micro servo. This tiny little servo weighs less ...
PowerHD DR-3006HB Standard Digital High Torque Robot Servo 40g
The PowerHD DR-3006HB servo is a standard size digital servo designed especially for building robots...
PowerHD HD-1235MG Large Digital High Torgue High Voltage Servo 165g
The PowerHD HD-1235MG is a premium quality high voltage digital servo with massive strength for high...
PowerHD HD-1370A Sub Micro Analog Servo 3.7g
The PowerHD HD-1370A Sub Micro Analog Servo is a very tiny and weighs in at only 3.7g. The manufa...
PowerHD HD-1501MG Standard Analog High Torque Servo 63g
The PowerHD HD-1501MG is a powerful servo with a huge amount of torque to give your robot some real ...
Based on 1 reviews.
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