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L293 Optically Isolated Dual Motor Driver 1A

L293 Optically Isolated Dual Motor Driver 1A
Brand: LC Soft
Product Code: BR010017
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This L293 based motor driver features an optically isolated interface to provide electromagnetic interference protection.

The L293 dual h-bridge motor driver can drive two 4.5-36V motors at 600mA of continuous current with 1.2A peak output per channel. This motor driver uses photocouplers to optically isolate your delicate microcontroller from the motor driver circuitry. It supports both 3.3V and 5V logic level microcontrollers.

Screw terminals are provided for connection to two motors and a motor power source. Digital inputs are available via male header pins.

Optically isolated motor driver input pins
Pin Description
IN1 L293 Input 1 - Motor B control 1
IN2 L293 Input 2 - Motor B control 2
IN3 L293 Input 3 - Motor A control 1
IN4 L293 Input 4 - Motor A control 2
EN1 EN1 - L293 Enable 1 - Motor B enable
EN2 EN2 - L293 Enable 2 - Motor A enable
VCC Logic level voltage in (3.3-5V)
GND Common ground


L293 motor driver truth table
EN1/2 IN1/3 IN2/4 Description
H L H Forward
H H L Backward
H L L Stop
H H H Stop
L X X Stop



Normally you would control the direction of the motor using IN1/3 & IN2/4 and the speed by varying a PWM signal on the EN1/2 lines.


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