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Passive Buzzer 16 Ohms

Passive Buzzer 16 Ohms
Passive Buzzer 16 Ohms Passive Buzzer 16 Ohms
Brand: Banana Robotics
Product Code: BR010088
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This Passive Buzzer provides an easy way to add simple audio output to your robot. While you can’t expect this tiny little speaker to produce orchestra quality sound, it works just fine for simple beeps and boops. You can even program your robot to play a little song to wish your best friend a happy birthday.

What makes this buzzer so nice is that it can be connected directly to a microcontroller pin without additional hardware. The breadboard friendly buzzer has an impedance of 16 Ohms and can be driven by 3-12 Volts.

To use this buzzer with an Arduino, simply attach one pin to a digital output and the other pin to ground and “presto!” - your Arduino can now play simple tones. Use the Arduino “tone” function to make simple sounds or play around with PWM for more complicated sounds.

Every robot should be able to beep when it needs attention.

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