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Pololu Mini Maestro 12 Channel Servo Controller

Pololu Mini Maestro 12 Channel Servo Controller
Pololu Mini Maestro 12 Channel Servo Controller
Brand: Pololu
Product Code: BR010104
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This Pololu Mini Maestro Servo Controller features 12 independent channels with 8 KB of script storage.

Pololu Maestro Servo Controllers feature a flexible command system for controlling RC servos. Maestro controllers are extremely accurate and well suited for robotics and animatronics. Channels can be configured for RC servos, ESC electronic speed controls, digital outputs and analog/digital inputs. They can also be daisy chained to expand your capabilities while still only using a single serial line.

This Maestro can control up to 12 servos. Commands are sent over USB or 5V TTL RS232 using a computer or microcontroller. The Maestro can also be programmed to execute a fully self-contained script to operate autonomously. An 8 KB storage area allows up to 3000 servo positions to be played back without the need for an external microcontroller.

This board is fully assembled with male header pins soldered into place. A USB type A to mini B cable is required for connecting this device to a computer.


Pololu Maestro Servo Controller User's Guide

File downloads

Maestro Servo Controller Windows Drivers and Software (release 130422) (5MB zip)

This ZIP archive contains the installation files for the Maestro Control Center, the Maestro command- line utility (UscCmd), and the Maestro drivers for Microsoft Windows.

Maestro Servo Controller Linux Software (release 100507) (112k gz)

This tar/gzip archive contains the binary executable files for the Maestro Control Center and the Maestro command-line utility (UscCmd) for Linux.

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