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Pololu 5V Step Up/Down Voltage Regulator

Pololu 5V Step Up/Down Voltage Regulator
Pololu 5V Step Up/Down Voltage Regulator Pololu 5V Step Up/Down Voltage Regulator Pololu 5V Step Up/Down Voltage Regulator Pololu 5V Step Up/Down Voltage Regulator
Brand: Pololu
Product Code: BR010106
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The Pololu 5V Step Up/Down Voltage Regulator can output a steady 5V power supply from a wide voltage input range.

This compact switching voltage regulator is ideal small battery driven robots because it accepts a wide range of input voltages from 2.7V to 11.8V. For example, you can get a clean 5V output from four fresh alkaline batteries that output 6V or a set of four partially discharged NiMH batteries that output only 4V. You can also use it to regulate the power from a 9V battery and it will deliver 5V until the battery discharges to as low as 3V.

This tiny regulator uses a S7V8F5 switching regulator with a typical efficiency of over 90%. It can deliver up to 1A of continuous current when the voltage is higher than 5V. See the chart in the photos for details about how much the available output current will decrease for input voltages less than 5V.

This board has short-circuit and thermal shutdown protection. It does not have any protection for reverse input voltage so be careful to observe proper polarity during use. Please note that the regulator on this board will get VERY HOT during normal operation! Please use care when handling this product.

The package includes two types of optional header pins that require soldering.


This board has four connectors: shutdown (SHDN), input (VIN), ground (GND) and output (VOUT). The shutdown (SHDN) pin can be driven low to power down the regulator or high to enable it. Or simply leave the shutdown (SHDN) disconnected to keep the regulator enabled. Then connect the input voltage (VIN) and utilize the regulated output voltage (VOUT) for your project. Be sure that to use a common ground (GND).


When connecting power, the initial rush of current can cause voltage spikes that are much higher than the input voltage. The regulator can be destroyed if the input voltage exceeds the maximum. This can happen when the input voltage is greater than 9V, the power leads are longer than a few inches, or you are using a high impedance power supply. In these cases, please connect a 33uF or larger 16V or higher electrolytic capacitor close to regulator between pins VIN and GND. See Pololu's "Understanding Destructive LC Voltage Spikes" document for additional information.


Voltage Regulator
Input Voltage 2.7-11.8 V
Regulator S7V8F5
Maximum Current 1 A
Maximum Quiescent Current 0.2mA
Regulation Method Switching
Typical Efficiency 80-95%
Load Shutdown Option Yes
Short-Circuit Protection Yes
Thermal Shutdown Protection Yes
Reverse Polarity Protection No
Size 0.45 × 0.65 × 0.1 in
Weight 0.6 g

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