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PowerHD AR-1202MG Standard Analog High Torque Robot Servo 60g
The PowerHD AR-1202MG is a strong high torque analog servo with metal gears that has been designed e..
PowerHD AR-3606HB Standard Continuous Rotation Servo 40g
The PowerHD AR-3606HB is a fast continuous rotation servo with a significant amount of strength. ..
PowerHD D65HB Micro Digital High Speed Servo 6.5g
The PowerHD D65HB is a fast and accurate digital micro servo. This tiny little servo weighs less ..
PowerHD DR-3006HB Standard Digital High Torque Robot Servo 40g
The PowerHD DR-3006HB servo is a standard size digital servo designed especially for building robots..
PowerHD HD-1235MG Large Digital High Torgue High Voltage Servo 165g
The PowerHD HD-1235MG is a premium quality high voltage digital servo with massive strength for high..
$49.99 $44.44
PowerHD HD-1370A Sub Micro Analog Servo 3.7g
The PowerHD HD-1370A Sub Micro Analog Servo is a very tiny and weighs in at only 3.7g. The manufa..
PowerHD HD-1501MG Standard Analog High Torque Servo 63g
The PowerHD HD-1501MG is a powerful servo with a huge amount of torque to give your robot some real ..
Based on 1 reviews.
PowerHD HD-1600A Micro Analog Servo 6g
The PowerHD HD-1600A Micro Analog Servo is a tiny servo suitable for a variety of small robot actuat..
Based on 2 reviews.
PowerHD HD-3688HB Mini Digital High Speed Servo 25g
The PowerHD HD-3688HB is a fast mini sized servo with digital accuracy. This servo has a coreless..
PowerHD HD-4180BB Standard Digital Servo 41g
The PowerHD HD-4180BB is a standard sized digital servo with a good amount of torque. This digita..
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