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Shields are boards that can plug directly onto Arduino and compatible microcontroller boards. They are generally used to extend the abilities of the Arduino or provide additional input and outputs.
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Adjustable Power Supply Shield for Arduino
The Adjustable Power Supply Shield gives your Arduino the ability to manage the power to your robot....
Arduino Nano IO Shield
The Arduino Nano IO Shield makes it easy to experiment with your Arduino Nano compatible microcontr...
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Arduino Sensor Shield with XBee Pro Socket
This Arduino Sensor Shield features a collection of pin headers and connectors to simplify connectio...
BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Shield for Arduino
The BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Shield allows your Arduino to perform wireless communication with BLE c...
Bluetooth Shield for Arduino (Master/Slave)
This stackable Bluetooth Shield allows your Arduino to communicate over wireless Bluetooth as a mast...
DFRobot 2A Motor Driver Arduino Shield
The DFRobot 2A Motor Driver Shield is an Arduino compatible motor driver shield that uses an L298P H...
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DFRobot 6 DOF IMU Arduino Shield
The DFRobot 6 DOF IMU Shield provides your Arduino or compatible microcontroller with the ability to...
Dual Stepper Motor Driver Shield for Arduino
The ITEAD Dual Stepper Motor Driver Shield enables your Arduino or compatible microcontroller to dri...
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Evil Mad Science Googly Eye Arduino Shield Kit
Yes the Googly Eye Shield by Evil Mad Science is a bit silly but every roboticist needs to have a li...
$6.75 $5.75
Evil Mad Science ISP Arduino Shield Kit
Use this Evil Mad Science electronic kit to build an Arduino ISP Shield for programming AVR chips. ...
Based on 2 reviews.
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