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Solarbotics GM4 Gear Motor 3-9V (325:1) with Clear Servo Body

Solarbotics GM4 Gear Motor 3-9V (325:1) with Clear Servo Body
Solarbotics GM4 Gear Motor 3-9V (325:1) with Clear Servo Body
Brand: Solarbotics
Product Code: BR010270
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The Solarbotics GM4 Gear Motor is a gearbox motor that has a unique clear servo body.

This motor provides a good amount of torque with a gear reduction ratio of 325:1. It can be operated from 3-9V. At 6V the unloaded output shaft will spin at 77 RPM while consuming about 93mA. Stall torque at 6V is 50.94 ounce-inch which consumes about 529mA.

What makes this motor unique is the clear servo body. Unlike a continuous rotation servo, there is no servo circuitry inside to control the motor. Instead of sending servo pulses, the motor is controlled using traditional methods such as polarity reversal to change directions and PWM to change the motor speed. The servo body can make mounting easier and the standard sized shaft is compatible with our selection of servo wheels.

This motor comes with the usual assortment of servo accessories. Attach a servo compatible wheel to get your robot rolling.

Motor Specifications
Motor Type Gearbox
Motor Voltage 3-9 V
Gear Ratio 325:1
No-Load Current at 3V 64 mA
No-Load Speed at 3V 67 RPM
Stall Current at 3V 322 mA
Stall Torque at 3V 2.53 kg-cm (35.12 oz-in)
No-Load Current at 6V 93 mA
No-Load Speed at 6V 77 RPM
Stall Current at 6V 529 mA
Stall Torque at 6V 3.67 kg-cm (50.94 oz-in)
No-Load Current at 9V 120 mA
No-Load Speed at 9V 104 RPM
Stall Current at 9V 640 mA
Stall Torque at 9V 4.10 kg-cm (56.94 oz-in)
Size 46.6 x 55.4 x 20.0 mm (1.8 x 2.2 x 0.8 in)
Weight 38.4 g (1.35 oz)

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