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Sumovore Mini Sumo Robot Kit

Sumovore Mini Sumo Robot Kit
Brand: Solarbotics
Product Code: BR020059
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The Solarbotics Sumovore Mini Sumo Kit is a complete robot that you assemble yourself with basic soldering skills.

The basic Sumovore robot doesn't require any programming at all. A discrete brain board module is included that provides a number of hardwired behaviors. You can add an optional microcontroller brain board for a fully programmable robot.

The discrete brain board's hardwired behaviors include the "Anti Sumo Dance" which stops two sumo robots from spinning around each other, the "Anti Edge-RAM" which prevents repeated edge charging and selectable sumo/line follower modes. Multiple trimpots allow simple behavior tuning.

Add a SumoShield for Arduino Brain Kit plus your favorite Arduino or compatible microcontroller and the Sumovore becomes a programmable mini sumo robot.

This robot has four optical reflectance sensors that provide edge detection with a fifth edge sensor available when you add an Arduino Brain Kit. Dual IR Infrared emitters and detectors are used to see opponents and two powerful GM8 gear motors are used to push its way to victory. This robot has a rugged steel frame with bull dozer like front plate that is easy to assemble. Six AA batteries give this sumo bot enough weight to complete while still being small enough to comply with competition regulations.

This robot requires basic soldering skills. All parts are easy to solder through-hole components. A detailed manual is provided with complete step by step instructions.

Please note that the robot comes in randomly chosen colors that do not always match the colors in the photos.


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