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Solarbotics Gear Motor Wheel (Yellow)
The Solarbotics Yellow Gear Motor features a molded on thermoplastic silicon tire for excellent trac..
Solarbotics Gear Motor Wheel Mount
These Solarbotics Gear Motor Wheel Mounts can be used to attach a variety of wheels and other parts ..
Solarbotics GM17 High Efficiency Gear Motor 3-9V (228:1)
The Solarbotics GM17 High Efficiency Gear Motor has a 228:1 ratio gearbox for plenty of torque. T..
Solarbotics GM2 Gear Motor 3-12V (224:1) with offset shaft
The Solarbotics GM2 gear motor provides an 224:1 gear ratio for your robot projects. This motor p..
Solarbotics GM2 GM8 Gear Motor Mounting Bracket
These metal brackets are specifically designed for mounting the Solarbotics GM2 and GM8 Gear Motors...
Solarbotics GM23 Tiny Gear Motor 3V (192:1) with offset shaft
The GM23 is a tiny gearbox motor with an offset shaft that is ideal for building miniature robots ..
Solarbotics GM24 Tiny Gear Motor 3V (192:1)
The GM24 is a small gearbox motor that is great for building micro sized robots and similar projects..
Solarbotics GM3 Gear Motor 3-12V (224:1)
The Solarbotics GM3 Gear Motor has a 224:1 gear ratio with a 90 degree output shaft. This motor o..
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Solarbotics GM3 GM9 Gear Motor Mounting Bracket
These mounting brackets are designed specifically for the Solarbotics GM3 and GM9 Gear Motors. Th..
Solarbotics GM4 Gear Motor 3-9V (325:1) with Clear Servo Body
The Solarbotics GM4 Gear Motor is a gearbox motor that has a unique clear servo body. This motor ..
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