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User Interface

Robots can interact with people if they have a user interface or "UI". You can create a simple UI using a few switches and LEDs or a more complex UI with speakers, microphones, an LCD display and a keypad. There are certainly many ways to create a UI that haven't even been invented yet.
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ADKeyboard Analog to Digital Keyboard Module
The ADKeyboard is a five button keypad module with a single analog voltage output. The ADKeyboa...
Analog Rotation Sensor V1 (Potentiometer)
The Analog Rotation Sensor V1 is a potentiometer mounted onto a handy module. The potentiometer can ...
arLCD Smart Touchscreen LCD with Arduino Compatible Microcontroller
The arLCD Smart Touchscreen LCD combines the ease of use of an Arduino with the award winning ezLCD ...
Big Button Input Module
A convenient button that is easy to press and use. Usage: Connect the (+) and (-) to a 5V powe...
Character LCD 16x2 (1602 LCM) White on Blue 5V
This Character LCD module is a 1602 LCM type with 2 rows of 16 columns. This model operates at 5V an...
Graphic LCD 84x48 (Nokia 5110) Black on Blue
This Graphic LCD Module provides 84x48 pixel graphics with a blue backlight. An integrated PCD8544 c...
Graphic LCD 84x48 (Nokia 5110) Black on White
The 5110 LCD Module provides a small 84x48 pixel graphic display with a white blacklight. The LCD i...
IBridge 4x4 Keypad Arduino Shield
The IBridge 4x4 Keypad Shield provides your Arduino with a matrix of 16 push buttons and a graphic L...
IBridge-Lite 3x3 Keypad Arduino Shield
The IBridge-Lite is a 3x3 keypad shield featuring a 5110 Graphic LCD display interface. Plug the IBr...
IR Infrared Remote Control Kit
The IR Remote Control Kit allows you to control your robot from a distance using modulated IR Infrar...
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