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User Interface

Robots can interact with people if they have a user interface or "UI". You can create a simple UI using a few switches and LEDs or a more complex UI with speakers, microphones, an LCD display and a keypad. There are certainly many ways to create a UI that haven't even been invented yet.
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ADKeyboard Analog to Digital Keyboard Module
The ADKeyboard is a five button keypad module with a single analog voltage output. The ADKeyboa...
Big Button Input Module
A convenient button that is easy to press and use. Usage: Connect the (+) and (-) to a 5V powe...
Character LCD 16x2 (1602 LCM) White on Blue 5V
This Character LCD module is a 1602 LCM type with 2 rows of 16 columns. This model operates at 5V an...
Graphic LCD 84x48 (Nokia 5110) Black on Blue
This Graphic LCD Module provides 84x48 pixel graphics with a blue backlight. An integrated PCD8544 c...
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Graphic LCD 84x48 (Nokia 5110) Black on White
The 5110 LCD Module provides a small 84x48 pixel graphic display with a white blacklight. The LCD i...
IBridge 4x4 Keypad Arduino Shield
The IBridge 4x4 Keypad Shield provides your Arduino with a matrix of 16 push buttons and a graphic L...
IBridge-Lite 3x3 Keypad Arduino Shield
The IBridge-Lite is a 3x3 keypad shield featuring a 5110 Graphic LCD display interface. Plug the IBr...
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IR Infrared Remote Control Kit
The IR Remote Control Kit allows you to control your robot from a distance using modulated IR Infrar...
Joystick Module
This Joystick Module is great for creating a remote control interface for your robot and a variety o...
Joystick Shield for Arduino
The Joystick Shield mounts onto an Arduino or compatible microcontroller to provide a joystick with ...
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